Caledonia Hole Spotlight: The Magical Finish at No. 18

Eltoria Renwick, 1st Assistant Golf Professional at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club, discusses the course’s most acclaimed hole: its par-4 finishing hole that finishes at the footsteps of its renowned clubhouse.

“The 18th Hole here at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is the golf course’s most famous hole. All the holes out here are great and unique, but Number 18 is the one that really stands out for people who come to visit us.

“It’s a short hole, but it’s very challenging off the tee as well as with the approach shot to the green. With the tee shot, you really don’t have to hit driver; a 3-wood or long iron off the tee will suffice. As you can see, there is water down the right-hand side when you tee off, and the green is surrounded by water in the front and on the right side.

“It’s not a long hole, but as I said before, if you hit a 3-wood or long iron off the tee it will leave you with a short, manageable approach shot to the green – anywhere from 120 yards to 150 yards.”

Once you’ve concluded a memorable round capped by its spectacular finishing hole, a clubhouse beverage and back porch rocking chair await you and your playing partners – the perfect setting to compare scorecards, share memories and cheer on fellow golfers as they make their final approach. We look forward to hosting you, and invite you to check out our variety of seasonal package specials that can make your next visit possible!

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