Hole Spotlight True Blue 3

3tee_to_green2_tb_1920_750_90_s_c1Hole #3 at True Blue Golf Club is one of the more interesting holes offered on this spectacular property by designer Mike Strantz. With an island green, it offers a different look on a course that otherwise lends itself to more of a links-style feel throughout.

Club selection is critical on a hole that plays to 190 yards from the tips, 141 yards from the middle tees and as close as 103 yards from the forward markers.  As General Manager Bob Seganti has noted, different combinations of pin placement, tee selection and wind velocity can have you using anywhere from a pitching wedge to a 5 iron off the tee. Based on those conditions, choose wisely.

Speaking of pin placement, be especially mindful of a forward hole location. The green will slope away from you just over the beach bunker that fronts the right side of the green and wraps around; any shot landing on the downslope of the green there runs the risk of running into the bunker on right side. A high, soft shot directly at the hole is critical with such a forward placement.

With a back left pin location, the green slopes right to left. Any ball hit to the right of the pin will feed to the hole. If your concerns are less about a red number here and more about keeping your ball dry, aiming your shot the back left of this green offers a better opportunity to finish the hole with the ball you started it with.

Carding a birdie at Hole #3 is a tall task, and one that will rank among any visiting golfer’s crowing achievements at True Blue or any top-tier golf course. For most players, a par here will be plenty enough reason to exhale or celebrate.

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