How to Get Rid of Tension Over the Golf Ball

In this video tip, Steve Dresser of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows you how relieving tension before you swing can help improve your game.



Steve Dresser:
It often astounds me the tension people have in their arms, their hands, their shoulders, when they grip the golf club and set up to the golf ball. And there’s just no way you can generate speed when you’re completely full of tension.

This is nothing more than an alignment rod that we built up enough on this end to put a grip on it. And the idea is to simply swing it just with a nice, relaxed feel, and make some noise when it comes through. You want to hear that whoosh. And, by all means, make sure you still use your body and turn through, and get off your back foot, and all that stuff. But if you tense up and we really see this all the time, people swing with what I call powerless effort instead of what we want, the effortless power.

This is effortless power or speed. Here’s what we see so much of, here is powerless effort. Let’s grip it tight, get as much tension in our bodies as we can and swing hard, but with no speed. So, just be relaxed, let it happen. Make the club go fast.

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