Myrtle Beach Fall Classic Comes To Caledonia

On Wednesday, Caledonia hosted more than 100 golfers and on Thursday True Blue did the same.

This was the fourth year Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday ran the Myrtle Beach Fall Classic, and each year the event has sold out. More than 300 golfers play in the event each year that takes places across four days and is held at 12 elite Myrtle Beach golf courses. In addition, a welcome party is held at The House of Blues on Sunday night, followed by a catered dinner and open bar on Thursday night at the Marin Inn.

The Myrtle Beach Fall Classic caters to those that cannot play golf at home due to the end of their golf season and want to take advantage of Myrtle Beach’s mild fall season and play some of the best courses on the Grand Strand.

For more information on the Myrtle Beach Fall Classic or to register for next year’s event, visit

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