New Year New Rules

To steal a segment from a popular HBO show hosted by a guy named Bill. NEW RULES!

1. Anchoring Ban Rule 14-b. Penalty loss of hole in match or 2 strokes in stroke play. Not a problem for a lot of us, tough to get that putter anchored on an everchanging landscape. #beergut

2. Signing for Wrong Score. Rule 6-6d Lower score than was actually shot, due to being unaware of penalty. Now penalties will be added for breach of rule and for signing wrong scorecard. Essentially a 4 shot penalty but it beats the heck out of wearing the scarlet DQ. Golf, even tournament golf is is humbling enough, public shaming of participants seems unnecessary. #imnotacheater

3. Ball Moving After Address. Rule 18-2b, Natural forces such as wind causing the players ball to move will not result in penalty. We’re going to assume a Saturday afternoon beer and chilidog golfers flatulence is not what they meant by a natural wind causing  the ball to move. #strongwindblowing 

4.Rule 14-3 ( Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment) We all have so much equipment in the cart with us now from training aids, to GPS units, laserrangefinders, that the first time we whip them out on the course for use we only incur 2 strokes in stroke play and a loss of hole in match play. Now the second time you have a “technology lapse” take a selfie with that scarlet DG and hit the road jack/jill. #techno

Fun Fact: The USGA is responsible for administering the Rules of Golf and Rules of Amateur Status in the United States and its territories and Mexico. The R & A governs golf nearly worldwide in 138 countries. That being the case why does the “blue blazer army” seem so omnipresent and slightly oppresive in the world of golf? #bigworldoutthere 

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