Playing Tip: Charlie Rymer Talks Best Strategy on True Blue’s 1st Hole

At many golf courses, the opening hole is meant to ease you into your round without much difficulty. That’s not necessarily the case at True Blue’s par-5 1st hole, which not only demands your attention from the jump but requires some strategy for success. Charlie Rymer’s here to show you how he thinks you can do just that!

Charlie Rymer:
Now, most golf courses, you sort of ease into the round with an easy opening hole. That’s definitely not the case here at True Blue. This par five might be the hardest par five I’ve ever played. There’s nothing easy about it, the tee shot, the second shot, the third shot, there’s water everywhere. You’ve just seen it.

So let’s talk about this tee shot a little bit. The thing you’ve got to do is, first and foremost is pick out a target that’s in the fattest part of this fairway. As you stand on this tee, you can see a single pine, it’s the tallest thing on the horizon. That’s my target. That’s the fat part of the fairway.

The next thing you do, and generally you’ve got guys standing around watching you so you get a little anxious. Let’s take two or three deep breaths, get the tension out, focus on that tallest pine tree on the horizon. Forget everything about that, and let’s go.
Yes, I finally found a fairway here. It doesn’t happen often!

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