Ride the Wave at True Blue This Spring

GolfBoards provide fun, unique way to get around course

Caledonia Golf Vacations and True Blue Golf Club have long set an exceptionally high bar for quality, right down to one incredibly fun mode of transportation available to those who book a package and visit: GolfBoards.

GolfBoard is a surf- and skateboard-inspired motorized vehicle which allows a player to steer and cruise the course by shifting his or her weight one way or another. They are safe and easy to use for players of all ages, and max out at 11.5 miles per hour, slower than a standard golf cart.

In November 2015, True Blue became the first course on the Grand Strand to invest in GolfBoard, after the Oregon-based company was given the Best New Product Award at the 2014 PGA Merchandising Show. True Blue Head Golf Professional Bart Romano said, “They’re a lot of fun. It’s a completely different way to enjoy a round of golf.”

Today, True Blue has four GolfBoards on site. If you’re booking a package through Caledonia Golf Vacations, they can be booked through your reservation, or you can call the pro shop or email in advance. They do have a calendar for booking. There is also a $29 fee the day of play. In addition, watching a five-minute safety video is required and there is a liability waiver, though these can be taken care of through the GolfBoard website beforehand.

“Pretty much everyone enjoys it when they ride it,” said Romano, adding of what makes the GolfBoard experience truly unique: “When you’re riding them, you’re not really thinking so much about the golf. You ride up to your ball. You hit your shot, and when the other players are hitting, you can’t wait to jump back on and ride around. Whether you hit a good shot or a bad shot, it’s kind of irrelevant. You’re just enjoying a different way to get around a golf course.”

Be sure to book a GolfBoard at True Blue Golf Club on your upcoming golf getaway with Caledonia Golf Vacations!

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