Strantz Spotlight: #12 at True Blue Golf Club

Mike Strantz is known for making some holes that are “easy” for most golfers. The short 9th at Caledonia is the first hole that jumps to mind. However, Strantz also makes some holes that are absolute brutes, including the 12th at True Blue, nicknamed the “shed hole.”

When you step on the tee you think it’s a hole that you can just overpower. While the fairway is wide, as is the case at most Strantz courses, you need to favor the left side. Similar to the 13th the left side of the fairway acts as a funnel and will feed tee shots toward the middle. If you tend to miss right off the tee you need to aim as far left as possible. Right of this fairway sits a deep waste bunker with trees on the other side of it. Tee shots that end up here will leave the player no shot to the green.

Your second shot might look inviting, but the bunkers around this green can prove detrimental. The difficult part of this hole is the green. It’s a good-sized green, but ending up in the wrong section can really put a damper on your round. When the pin is in the very back you have to keep your second shot short or pin high. Anything that goes past that hole location will roll off the green into the pot bunker.

We know you’ll enjoy the “shed hole” among many great holes when you play True Blue and Caledonia on your next golf trip!

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