Strantz Spotlight: #15 at True Blue

Mike Strantz designs can offer compelling examples of visual deception at any given turn, as you’ll see right away when you step to the tee of the 15th hole at True Blue Golf Club. This par five looks like a tough driving hole, but in reality you have some room to miss. Waste bunkers protect both the right and left sides of the fairway.  Tee shots up the left side will leave the best angle for a layup, and give the longer hitters a chance to go for it.

You might think your eyes are playing tricks on you on the layup shot as well, where Strantz forces you to get aggressive at this point. If you want the shortest third shot to the green you’ll need to hit a longer club on the second, but like with your tee shot this one also offers a wider landing area.

Laying back here is a viable option, too, so long as you fit your shot into a narrow section of the fairway. In this case, players will want to favor the left side of the fairway to avoid the trees that overhang the right side of the fairway.

The green here truly showcases Strantz’s design prowess. For starters, this putting surface is elevated well above the fairway. Any wedge that lands just on the front will spin back down the slope. Any shot over the back will find more runoff areas and short grass. This might seem intimidating, but know this: the putting surface offers an ample landing area, and if you’re there in regulation a great opportunity to post a low number.

Play your cards right when you step on to the 15th at True Blue and you might be walking off with a birdie or better!

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