Strantz Spotlight: No. 11 at True Blue Golf Club

Known as the “Maverick of Golf Course Architecture,” Mike Strantz is known for his wild golf hole designs. The par-three 3rd hole at True Blue and the short par-three 9th at Caledonia Golf & Fish Club are just a few that come to mind.

One of the tamer Strantz masterpieces is the par-three 11th at True Blue. This straightforward par three has some subtle nuisances that can fool the first-time golfer. Playing 184 yards from the very back tees, you will need to clear the expansive waste area that covers the entire hole. Missing this green just short will leave you on a small piece of tightly mown turf. Missing long will leave you an uphill approach off grainy Bermudagrass.

This green is shaped like a warped hourglass, with a ridge smack in the middle of it. When the pin is in the front, your best bet is to aim for the back stop behind the hole and let Strantz’s genius go to work. When the pin is on top of the ridge, make sure you take the back out of play. Any ball that travels a foot too far will run down the back slope.

Though it is a tame hole by his standards, Mike Strantz still worked his magic around No. 11 at True Blue Golf Club. Let us know how you did on it the next time you play it. We look forward to seeing you out on the course!

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