The Player’s Digest: True Blue Golf Club

True Blue Golf Club is one of the renowned designs of “The Maverick,” Mike Strantz. Opened in 1998, it’s a favorite of legions of golfers including’s David Williams, who gives us a walk-through of his favorite aspects of the course in this edition of “The Player’s Digest.” Enjoy the episode!



There’s always something to be said about a golf course that makes you want to play more golf. That’s exactly how I feel after a round at True Blue Golf Club.

This Mike Strantz masterpiece forces you to get creative, and I love that. His work here is jaw dropping. Wide fairways, huge bunkers, and unbelievable greens complexes.

Two things stand out to me every time I tee it up here. First? The conditions. Whether it’s the contoured winter look like we saw during this February visit, or the wall-to-wall green look you get in the summer and fall. It’s all top-notch.

The second is the versatility of the golf course. You can play this course from more than 7,000 yards, or less than 6,000. In short, it’s a course for everyone.

The first hole is a par 5 with a huge fairway – and a sign of things to come for the rest of your round.

One of my favorite parts of the second hole is the wide fairway leading to this green. When the pin is in front, throw a wedge into that slope and let the ground do the work.

One of the coolest looking par 3s along the Grand Strand awaits on the 3rd hole. This green is surrounded by a bunker that quickly slopes into a surrounding pond. This hole can play 15 yards longer based on the hole location.

The wrapping fairway of the par-5 4th hole looks fantastic from the air, and the ground.

An aggressive tee shot on the 8th can get you close to this green. Aim at the rock on the right side of the fairway and just let it rip. This turtle back green requires an accurate approach shot. The subtle slopes in this green make it one of my favorites.

The final par 5 on the front is the 9th, and to me it’s the best one here. Reachable for almost everyone, this is a strong birdie chance in the middle of your round.

The slope around the green on the 10th hole is almost unbelievable.

The green and bunkers on the 12th hole make it one of the best on the golf course. When the pin is in the very back, make sure your approach is short of the hole.

A downhill approach shot on the 14th hole requires a carry over a large bunker. When you get to the green, look up at the expansive bunker your tee shot just cleared.

The 15th hole is a risk-reward par 5 that can set up a great look for birdie, or derail your momentum in a hurry. What’s so intimidating about this par 5, you ask? Let me show you.

This. I love this. If your shot goes a few yards too far, you’re looking up a large slope toward the green. Bump and run, folks.

Ahh, yes. The famous 18th hole at True Blue. This fairway is pretty wide for the most part. Longer hitters will need to dial it back to avoid the water. Golfers have the benefit of using the slopes of this green to feed their shot close.

Whenever I leave True Blue, I can describe the thoughts in my head with one word: Inspired. You’ll be inspired, too, when you play True Blue on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip.

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