Tip from Steve Dresser Golf Academy – Establishing Proper Lead Wrist Angle

In this video tip, Stuart Clark of the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows us how a do-it-yourself training aid can easily help you establish proper positioning of your lead wrist in the golf swing.



Stuart Clark:
Hey, my name is Stuart Clark. I am one of the instructors here at the Steve Dresser Golf Academy down here at True Blue and Caledonia. Today’s tip is about lead wrist extension and flexion. In the golf swing, I’m talking about for a right-handed player, the lead wrist would be my left hand, in this wrist position here. And the golf swing, a lot of times we hear a lot about shallowing, or getting the club, hitting it from the inside. However, if our wrist angle does not match up with it, we can’t hit a good shot. What I’m talking about is in the backswing, this would be the position we’re looking for. This lead wrist being nice and flat. What we tend to see out of a lot of our amateur players, what we want to call a cupping, or extension of the lead wrist, which you notice when you see this, the face is wide open.

As a face is open and orientating open, if I shallow the club, the ball’s going to go a hundred yards right. It’s going super right. If we get the lead wrist in a good position, and the club face matches up, now we can shallow the club face where it will actually square up to target, instead of having that extended wrist or cup wrists at the ball, at the bottom of it where the ball goes right. Anyhow, going through that, I just made a little training aid here out of just a household hanger, and I put it just on the shaft where it just runs up and down on the shaft plane line. When I go to the top, I can get that hanger to rest on my lead arm. If it is open or extended, you’ll notice how that hanger works away from it. You could do a little tip at home, just taking the club back, checking it and making some swings with it.

That’s your tip on lead wrist. Get it checked out. Thanks!

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