Video Tip: Fix One Side to Help the Other Side

Steve Dresser from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy, located at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C, is here to tell you how fixing one side of your swing can automatically fix the other side.

Steve Dresser:

A lot of times when we’re teaching here, we’ll get someone on video and take them in and before we show them, say, “You’re going to see your arms look like this on the follow-through,” and they go, “No, they don’t. That’s not anywhere near possible.” And then we show them, and they go, “Hey, my arms look exactly the way you said they were going to look.”

Years ago, I worked with this guy, this is 35, 40 years ago, and he was really big into just practicing this. It’s almost like that was his waggle. Instead of waggling over here on this side of the ball, he would just go through here. And I really thought that was cool because all good players get the club out to here. And if you think about it, if you are steep and over the top and from the outside, you’re not going that way. If you’re hanging back on your right side, you’re not going that way. So in fact, we even used to take a little hula-hoop, put it on a stand, and just try to think of swinging the club head through the hula-hoop.

The other old school expression for this, it’s like you’re going to shake hands with somebody. I always liked that one. That’s been around longer than I’ve been around. You’re going to turn and shake hands. So, even though there’s a lot of stuff that goes on over here on this side of the swing, sometimes you can fix this side by working a little more on this side.

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