Video Tip: Hitting a Moving Ball?!

Steve Dresser from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy at True Blue Golf Club in Pawleys Island, S.C. shows you a fun tip to help relieve tension in the golf swing!

I’ve got a really fun drill I’m about to show you here that you may think is crazy, but a lot of times we get so hung up in the technicalities of the golf swing. Am I in the right position here, here, here, there, everywhere? And when you come right down to it, once you get the golf swing started, you’re making very similar motions to what you do in other sports, whether it’s swinging a baseball bat, throwing from third over to second, even throwing a football, even though it’s a little more of an overhand motion, tennis, we make very much the same motions.

In golf, we start from a standstill, staring at a stationary object and sometimes tension creeps in and we don’t make a nice, smooth rhythmic swing like we’d like to be able to. So we invented this drill many years ago, so I like to hit the ball while it’s moving because I play a lot of other sports that way, so why not play golf that way, too?

Obviously you’re not going to do that out on the golf course, but I’ve actually taken pretty high handicappers and had them do this drill, and they were shocked how much better they did!

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