Video Tip: Mastering Distance Control on the Greens

Here at Caledonia and True Blue we have some large green complexes – which means distance control on putts is especially important! Scott Devaux from the Steve Dresser Golf Academy shows us an easy way to practice this before your next round.

Scott Deveaux:

Hey, this is Scott Devaux from Steve Dresser Golf Academy here in Pawleys Island, and just a little putting advice. So what we see a lot of at the school here is that distance control is a problem on the greens. What we see mostly is what’s called a signature backswing, where people will take the ball back to this first tee that I’ve set up, and then if you have a short putt, you go to the first tee this way. If you have a longer putt, you still go to the first tee and then come through to the second tee. Third time, you still go to the first tee back and then third tee forward. So we see a lot of … Back swings look exactly the same, and then forward swings look totally different. So we’re going to try to even out your back swings and the forward swings.

So, short putt, we’re going to go back, and this is why I put the tees in these places, because we’re going to go back to maybe your back toe and then to your front toe. Then we’re going to go back to our second tee here. Back tee, second tee. Then we’re going to go back to the third tee and the third tee and the ball will go farther as we take it back farther. So what we want to try to avoid is just taking it back the same distance every time. Putting the tees down on the ground will just give you a little out of your peripheral vision to take the club back, putter back a little further, go a little further forward. So just a little advice on lag putting and longer putts!

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